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Enhance the elegance and durability of your next project with AbsoluteCedarTM products. Manufactured from high-quality Western Red Cedar, this product has double the stability of most commonly available softwoods and is inherently resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage.

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AbsolutePost 4x4 Laminated Smooth
AbsolutePost 6x6 Resawn
AbsolutePost 6x6 Resawn Sale price$8.00 CAD
AbsolutePost 6x6 Resawn Bluemoon Factory Coated
AbsolutePost 6x6 Smooth
AbsolutePost 6x6 Smooth Sale price$8.00 CAD
AbsoluteSiding 1x8 Lap Siding
AbsoluteSiding 1x8 Lap Siding Sale price$5.00 CAD
AbsoluteSiding™ 1x8 Channel Siding
AbsoluteTimber™ Premium Rougher Headed Finish
AbsoluteTrim 1x4 Resawn
AbsoluteTrim 1x4 Resawn Sale price$3.00 CAD
AbsoluteTrim 2x6 Resawn
AbsoluteTrim 2x6 Resawn Sale price$3.00 CAD
AbsoluteTrim 5/4x16 Resawn
AbsoluteTrim 5/4x16 Resawn Sale price$5.00 CAD